Gypsy Dancer Estates is a small Oregon Winery founded by Gary and Christine Andrus in 2002. The winemaker, R. Gary Andrus began his career in the wine industry in 1978 with Pine Ridge Winery in Napa Valley making Bordeaux style wines.

In 1995, Gary founded Archery Summit Winery in Dayton Oregon where he discovered a deep passion for making Pinot Noir. He retired from these two successful wineries in 2001 and started Gypsy Dancer in 2002. His intention was to return to hands on wine making, hand crafting small lots of premium Pinot Noir.

There has been a cult following of Gary’s wines with many fans boasting a collection of every single wine he ever made.

Sadly, Gary Andrus passed away on January 30, 2009. The Gypsy Dancer brand and inventory are still owned by Christine and the small remaining available wines are being offered to you. The wines that are currently available for purchase are the last wines made by R. Gary Andrus after an amazing career in the wine industry.

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